PneumaCare’s vision is to provide revolutionary imaging technologies that increase efficient and effective patient care. Through the development of our breakthrough SLP (Structured Light Plethysmography) imaging technology, we are meeting that vision today.  


PneumaCare projects a structured image covering the patient’s chest and abdomen and records movement in four dimensions.  Using PneumaCare’s unique SLP software, a 3-dimensional image is constructed showing regional breathing correlations between the chest and abdomen and between the left and right thoracic hemispheres. 

This recorded image can be replayed for the doctor, in real-time, while allowing the clinician to manipulate the view in the PneumaView™ 3D output software. PneumaCare’s software provides the operator with the ability to divide the image into defined regions for comparison of the patient’s symmetry of breathing. These regional contributions can be analysed by comparing the upper chest and abdomen or the left and right sides of the chest; detailing potential asymmetries that are indicative of respiratory-related issues.

By measuring the chest wall, the Thora-3DI™ can show the clinician the dynamics of lung function in real time, reflecting respiratory function, and divide that performance data into various regional assessments for comparison. This provides a deeper understanding of the patient's lung function.

Using Thora-3DI™, the  clinician can understand objectively - qualitatively and quantitatively - not only the patient's lung performance symmetries but also the change of that performance over time. This can be done without the need of forced manoeuver testing or movement of the patient to a measurement site.  Moreover, the patient can be sitting or lying, conscious or unconscious because Thora-3DI™ is non-invasive and does not require any direct interaction with the patient.


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