PneumaCare Products

PneumaCare offers four distinct products based on SLP technology for non-invasive respiratory monitoring and diagnosis.


These include:


  • Thora3Di -  which can image patients in a sitting or supine position and comes with independent power allowing mobile imaging from bed to bed, ward to ward

  • Thora3Di Compact - which can image patients in a sitting position but also can be dismantled simply for easy transportation in the community or clinics

  • Thora3Di Pediatric - which can image babies from 3KG and can be used in conjunction with the Thora-3Di

  • Thora3Di Remote - uses PneumaView software  which enables patient images to be viewed remotely away from the bedside by a clinician.


PneumaCare also offers a comprehensive software service, maintainenance updates, upgrades and replacement.


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