Working via a mixture of academic–clinical–industrial collaborations, in just over three years PneumaCare has brought medical devices to market and achieved CE markings. PneumaCare has developed their products to meet specific identified needs in the clinical community and as a result, these accomplishments have been achieved with very efficient time and capital requirements. 


Our Partners in Success

At PneumaCare, we rely on direct contact with clinical communities to inform and inspire new innovations in non-contact medical assessments. Below is a list of some of our partners that have contributed to the development of our SLP technology and the Thora3DI™.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss future collaborations.


Collaborators include:

  • MDM – European regulatory affairs and quality consultancy for Thora3DI™ and our key manufacturing partner

  • Alacrita – regulatory consultancy on FDA registration for Thora3DI™

  • TracGlobal - Engineering consultancy

  • The University of Cambridge Engineering Department - collaborated with PneumaCare in the development of novel data capture systems, modelling and analysis approaches.

  • Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge UK - hosts clinical trials and evaluations of Thora3DI™.

  • Sheffield Children's Hospital, Sheffield UK – hosted clinical trials and provided clinical focused feedback on Thora3DI™.

  • Hôpitaux Universitaires Pitié Salpêtrière – Charles Foix, Paris FR – hosting clinical trial and evaluation of the Thora3DI™

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, Birmingham UK – Hosting clinical trial and evaluation of Thora3DI™

  • Plextek UK – Engineering design consultancy for Thora3DI™