Product Overview

PneumaCare’s Thora3DI™ is the flagship product of the PneumaCare family of respiratory imaging and assessment devices.


Utilising the PneumaView™ system operating platform and the PneumaView™3D analysis software, Thora3DI™ provides clinicians with the first, real-time, non-contact, non-invasive bedside imaging of a patient’s tidal breathing.


By measuring respiratory rate and chest wall movement in a revolutionary non-contact, non-radiological methodology, PneumaCare’s Thora3DI™ provides a detailed, and previously unobtainable, level of patient information displayed in an interactive 3D format.


This output allows the clinician to view the regional chest wall movement contributions and analyse these for unexpected asymmetries due to respiratory-related issues. Thora3DI™’s mobile design allows it to be quickly setup anywhere in the hospital, from the clinic to a patient’s bedside, to gather recordable data for use in acute and longitudinal patient assessment.


PneumaCare’s Thora3DI™ is comprised of the Thora3DI™ scanning head, portable rolling stand (with touch control screen and independent power supply), the PneumaView™ system operating platform and the PneumaView™ 3D analysis software.