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The Next Generation of Lung Function Imaging and Assessment Technology

PneumaCare provides clinicians with unique non-invasive ways of observing active, real-time regional respiratory function via movement of the chest wall. This is delivered from a portable, non-contact measurement platform. 

PneumaCare Thora-3DI™ systems offer a fully integrated architecture in terms of hardware and software, a complete turnkey solution for respiratory assessment in real time for adults and young children.


Thora-3DI™ measures lung function in a non-contact non-invasive process. Capable of measuring conscious or unconscious patients, the ease of measurement enables a broader patient population to be assessed. With the mobile measurement platform, imaging can be done in a lung function lab, at the patient's bedside or even at a clinical facility admissions point; aiding in optimal respiration treatment and ensuring effective treatment options.

Thora-3DI™, a revolutionary advancement in respiratory assessment, utilizes a proprietary structured light measurement technology to capture real-time functional images of chest wall movement, allowing for a better understanding of patient respiration parameters. 


This detailed information is translated into quantifiable pulmonary function outputs for use in a range of hospital environments including Surgical Assessment, Intensive Care and A&E. 


This breakthrough technology allows measurements to be carried out without physical contact with the patient or subjecting them to unnecessary radiological exposure; opening assessment to the full range of patients from paediatrics to adult, both conscious and unconscious.

PneumaCare holds a number of granted patents in USA, Europe and China, in addition to having a number of other patents pending.