Product Features

PneumaCare’s products provide a deeper level of understanding of respiratory performance while eliminating many of the restrictions imposed by current technologies that prevent patient measurement.


With breakthrough technology integrated into an easy to operate platform, PneumaCare’s products provides the clinician with the following advantages:


  • Completely non-contact, non-invasive observation and analysis of respiratory function

  • 3D data output with measurement of regional chest wall and abdomen movement contributions, providing a better understanding of the nature of the patient's breathing

  • Highly accurate assessment of respiratory rate, for concious and unconcious patients whether seated or reclining

  • Quantitative measurement parameters of regional breathing symmetries and inspiratory/expiratory ratios, allowing better tracking of patient progress


  • Regional or user defined location comparison of patient chest wall movement during respiration, providing direct comparison of specific chest wall excursion for understanding of localised variance


  • Visible light imaging technology, reducing harmful radiological exposure of patients


  • Non-contact mobile measurement, aiding in infection control measures and ease of use at patient location


  • Measurement in a seated, supine or flat patient position, eliminating the need and added stress of moving the patient to the measurement site or position


  • Expanded patient population measurement capabilities, reducing the number of patients excluded from respiratory assessments


  • Measurements displayed in real-time, delivering point-of-care patient management information


  • No disposables or daily calibration, an efficient operating platform and no excess inventory of supplies


  • Low operating costs, providing overall hospital efficiency in patient care and reducing facility costs