Product Applications

PneumaCare's Thora-3Di product provides clinicians with unique non-invasive ways of observing active, real-time respiratory rate and regional respiratory function via movement of the chest wall; delivered from a portable, non-contact measurement platform.

Our products address the need for economic and
accessible diagnostic information, post-operative
assessments and intensive care imaging in previously
inaccessible groups.

A revolutionary advance in respiratory assessment,
PneumaCare’s proprietary SLP measurement technologies
capture real-time functional images of chest wall movement, allowing for a better understanding of patient respiration parameters. This detailed information is translated into quantifiable pulmonary function outputs for use in a range of hospital environments including surgical assessment, Intensive Care and A&E.















This breakthrough technology allows measurements to be carried out without physical contact with the patient or subjecting them to unnecessary radiological exposure; opening assessment to the full range of patients from paediatrics to adult, both conscious and unconscious.

Designed with input from clinicians, PneumaCare’s SLP technology addresses their needs by focusing on applications that:

Optimise Patient Respiration

  • Aid in optimal respiration treatment during patient ventilation (mechanical and non-invasive)

  • Ensure efficacy of treatment options by tracking patient progress

Aid in Efficiency of Patient Recovery after Thoracic Surgery

  • Identify early onset of Postoperative Pulmonary Complications

  • Assist in management of patient in recovery pathway

  • Aid in identification of the most beneficial surgical approach

Assist in Screening of Respiratory Diseases

  • Reduce misdiagnosis of disease through earlier identification of changes in breathing patterns

  • Track disease management over the course of treatment options