Corporate Information

PneumaCare is a Cambridge (UK) based company, developing and marketing revolutionary non-contact, non-invasive respiratory imaging systems that allow the user to better understand respiratory function.

PneumaCare has received product approvals including CE marking and FDA 510(k) for its Thora3DI™ product, and has all relevant quality approval certificates.


Founded in 2009, the company’s initial focus was centred on the clinical need for better lung function assessment in children.  Since that time, PneumaCare has expanded this focus to include adults in the lung function, ICU and thoracic surgery segments. PneumaCare markets Thora3DI™, an imaging and assessment device utilising novel non-contact 3D-imaging technology.  This breakthrough in patient care is presently operating in a range of hospital environments from paediatrics through to surgical assessment and adult intensive care. 


PneumaCare is a revenue-generating business with distributor and direct sales into the clinical market segment and a robust pipeline of R&D projects for future products. Current commercial efforts have concentrated on growing the SLP measurement technology with clinical leaders at all levels of the healthcare continuum.