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The Next Generation of Lung Function Imaging and Assessment Technology

PneumaCare provides clinicians with unique non-invasive ways of observing active, real-time regional respiratory function via movement of the chest wall; delivered from a portable, non-contact measurement platform.  Thora3DI™, a revolutionary advancement in respiratory assessment, utilizes a proprietary structured light measurement technology to capture real-time functional images of chest wall movement, allowing for a better understanding of patient respiration parameters.  This detailed information is translated into quantifiable pulmonary function outputs for use in a range of hospital environments including surgical assessment, Intensive Care and A&E.  This breakthrough technology allows measurements to be carried out without physical contact with the patient or subjecting them to unnecessary radiological exposure; opening assessment to the full range of patients from paediatrics to adult, both conscious and unconscious.


The Thora3DI™ measures lung function in a non-contact non-invasive process. Capable of measuring conscious or unconscious patients, the ease of measurement enables a broader patient population to be assessed. With the mobile measurement platform, imaging can be done in a lung function lab, at the patient's bedside or even at a clinical facility admissions point; aiding in optimal respiration treatment and ensuring effective treatment options.


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The Thora3DI™ provides detailed real-time images of chest wall movement via a non-contact, non-invasive measurement process. The data provides full chest wall movement analysis, delivering a real-time dynamic assessment of left and right thoracic symmetry and is fully customisable to allow any area of the chest or abdomen to be related to another. This information assists the caregiver in providing efficient patient recovery pathway management and identifying early onsets of postoperative pulmonary complications.

PneumaCare’s vision is to provide break-through imaging technologies helping clinicians to make more informed clinical decisions. PneumaCare's mantra is 'requirement drives innovation'. From inspiration to product, we design in partnership with the clinical user ultimately for patients’ benefits.

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